It’s Dad’s Time to Shine!!!


Dear Dads and Father Figures,
This time last year I found myself infuriated over the insensitive, over-the-top and unnecessary posts of women being wished HAPPY FATHER’S DAY either by themselves or their loved ones. Over the course of the year the pain I felt for great fathers like my husband, who had been robbed of the ONE AND ONLY day set aside for them, only grew deeper. I have voiced my concern about this senseless epidemic in the “African-American Community” (I didn’t see Hallmark making Father’s Day Cards for single mothers of other races….hmmmm) to my husband many times. Being the “glass half full” man that he is, his only reply was “Babe, they can’t take my day away. Don’t focus on them.” 

He was absolutely right. Instead, I want to say some of the things that will be lost in the messages of others on YOUR day.

The little girl in me who still sometimes questions her natural beauty says THANK YOU for treating your little girl like a princess and giving her a secure sense of self that she will greatly appreciate one day.

As the mother of a pre-teen boy, I THANK YOU for instilling the values, lessons and strength that ONLY A MAN can provide. THANK YOU for teaching your children that real men know how to LOVE.

THANK YOU for respecting the mother of your child/children and ensuring that they grow up to do so as well.

THANK YOU for being a leader and making tough decisions for the well-being of your kids.

THANK YOU for understanding that a PROVIDER gives physical, mental, emotional and financial support. For if giving money was all it took, then loan officers should get cards too, lol.

Last but not least, THANK YOU SO MUCH for never attempting to hi-jack Mother’s Day although you too, may be raising children without any help.

This of course does not cover ALL of the reasons you deserve to be honored on today but I hope that it helps to know that some women still believe that Father’s Day should be about YOU.
A Diamond Breed


Opinions welcome below

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