What is true independence?

Yesterday was filled with the smell of grills burning, the taste of barbeque and the sound of fireworks. The 4th of July commemorates the day that the United States gained its own legal, separate identity from Mother England.   

  The word independent paints a picture of freedom, success and doing things your own way; alone. However, as I ponder the current state of affairs in this country, the myriad of cult like, follow the leader activities that seem to saturate the media say otherwise.

   From Facebook to Instagram, there are daily hot topics shared repeatedly by the masses. I find myself often looking for glimmers of individuality and creative thinking as proof that we are not a society of brain washed robots dressed as human beings. Women follow the latest trends and emulate the wardrobe of Hollywood stars while men try to maintain their “swag”. The few who do pave their own way are seen as rebels, weird or just simply “different”. I wonder if our hard fought for freedom has only served to erase our individual identity. What do you think?


Opinions welcome below

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