Social Commentary

As I scroll through my timeline on Facebook,

I take the time to stop and look,

Not at the pictures, post and funny memes,

But the deeper, hidden messages behind the scenes.

Messages of “grinding” and “hustling” for wealth and to build a “Brand”,

Yet few messages to educate, empower and take a stand.

Hundreds of friends online as they sleep & dine alone,

posting gossip, pics and videos all day with “no time” to use the phone?

Sexy pics trend while conscious messages go silent,

Fighting videos are liked and shared from the same people who are “tired of VIOLENCE!”

Mirages of success for new takes on old fads from the beauty industry,

while real innovators are playing with “BitCoin” a new form of currency,

it seems we can’t seem to stay focused on what’s really current, see?

I see children who can upload videos but can’t read the description,

We’ve traded our infinite future for our material existence ,

What is the prescription? 


Opinions welcome below

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