Nothing Cuts Like Diamond

Nothing Cuts Like Diamond.


The 4 C’s Part III: COLOR

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Well Diamonds,… Spring has arrived and so has lots of COLOR!!! Just as beautiful flowers are blooming in our yards, the wardrobe and makeup of women has done the same. Much like the spice that color brings to diamonds, color wakes us up inside and out. That being said, I can’t help but to hold the same reservations about color on women as I do about color on diamonds. This hesitation, this concern has been on my heart for some time. (However for fear of  being labeled a “hater” or “lame” , I kept my opinion to myself.  But NO MORE! Thank you!)  So here is my question for the ladies:



In the diamond world, color is the third of the popular “4 C’s of diamond grading. This “color” is not related to a specific hue of the rainbow but rather how “colorless” a diamond is. How ironic that in a world full of add-ons from make-up to body parts that diamonds are the MOST valuable when they are without color?

Recently, my FB page has been riddled with posts with titles such as “Make-up Sorcery” and “Unbelievable Before & After Photos”. These posts include galleries of how make-up has been used to “transform” the appearance of several women. I often joke to myself about the reactions I imagine men have when they see them “Au naturale”. With every photo I wonder what do they see that needs to be covered, hidden from the public? This is not an attack on all makeup.  I’m not referring to a nice red lip or a rosy cheek but a full… facial… ALTERATION! Some of the photos looked like two different people.

Personally,  I do wear some form of  makeup daily. However, its wear is minimal at best.  So much so that a friend of mine commented that she can hardly notice the difference. Surprisingly, I took that as a compliment! Make-up was designed to accentuate the wonderful uniqueness that you already possess. Unfortunately, today it’s being used to draw on unrealistic, non-human eyebrows because apparently the ones you were born with are inferior somehow. Diamonds, we must do better. Think of your face as a beautiful drawing or painting. IF IT ALREADY LOOKS GREAT, do you continue to color over your work? Or do you stand back in awe and say “That belongs to me!”

I AM BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Now, that beauty varies from person to person and may be highlighted by your  own personal beauty mark or dimple, but that is OK. In order for us to be valued as the precious and RARE beauties that we are, we must celebrate what makes us ONE OF A KIND and focus less on how we wear the same trends as EVERYBODY ELSE.


The 4 C’s Part II…..


Clarity is the lens with which a woman sees her sense of purpose and vision for her future. While a diamonds’ cut may be  its’ source of light, clarity describes the imperfections that prevent  light from passing through the diamond. As women, we may have discovered our particular cut (see previous post), yet still find that we do not possess the brilliance for which we were destined. Our beings, while filled with immense potential to achieve our heart’s desires, are comprised of what jewelers call “inclusions”.

Inclusions are the slight imperfections that are present in a diamond as a result of the pressure and heat required  for it to form. Regardless of your background, beliefs or age, there are experiences that have “marked” your diamond in some undesirable way.  It may be a small voice of doubt, self-pity, low self esteem or an underlying fear. Regardless of its identity, it prevents you from being your best self and shining the way that only YOU can.

In the jewelry world, inclusions can diminish a diamonds value. Thank goodness we’re only “similar” to diamonds! In reality, EVERY struggle, EVERY heartbreak, EVERY failure and disappointment has made you stronger and wiser. Because of your inclusions, the light that passes through you does not simply glow but BURSTS through because it had to survive BEYOND the scars and THROUGH the pain.

Diamonds have great CLARITY, not because they are without mistakes but because we understand that WE ARE BETTER for them.