Social Commentary

As I scroll through my timeline on Facebook,

I take the time to stop and look,

Not at the pictures, post and funny memes,

But the deeper, hidden messages behind the scenes.

Messages of “grinding” and “hustling” for wealth and to build a “Brand”,

Yet few messages to educate, empower and take a stand.

Hundreds of friends online as they sleep & dine alone,

posting gossip, pics and videos all day with “no time” to use the phone?

Sexy pics trend while conscious messages go silent,

Fighting videos are liked and shared from the same people who are “tired of VIOLENCE!”

Mirages of success for new takes on old fads from the beauty industry,

while real innovators are playing with “BitCoin” a new form of currency,

it seems we can’t seem to stay focused on what’s really current, see?

I see children who can upload videos but can’t read the description,

We’ve traded our infinite future for our material existence ,

What is the prescription? 


The Village is Dying: Are We to Blame?



Punishment is now unfashionable… because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility.
Thomas Szasz

 Today’s world is filled with two things in abundance, individuals and their opinions. The news cycle, magazines and social media are all filled with stories about the actions of others, followed by our commentary on them. In recent weeks, social media was in an uproar over the grooming of a child born to a certain musical power couple. Powerful words flew back and forth chastising the couples perceived missteps as well as supporters who protested that it “wasn’t anyone’s BUSINESS”.  In isolation this statement seems harmless, but as I studied the comments and opinions I made an observation. Threaded  within the fabric of social media and other public commentary were statements that read: “It’s My Life, I’ll live it how I want”, “Why does anyone care?”, “Unless you’re paying my bills keep your comments to yourself.” One after another, each phrase gave me the distinct feeling that men are becoming islands. But is that really possible? Can a person live independently of others when almost every aspect of our lives is interdependent?

I must admit that by being a teacher, I am inclined to believe that  human beings  should care about the condition of others. It could also be the voice of my mother telling me that “one bad apple spoils a bunch” as she would caution my blind support of certain people. Either way, I was raised to believe  that “wrong is wrong” and “right is right” whether it is popular or not.  I also realize that there are areas of gray in life and I am not here to discuss them right now. I’m simply talking about the blatant and in my opinion unacceptable ways we are justifying the destruction of the people we claim to love the most. Any statement that doesn’t boost someone’s ego, make them smile or feel warm and fuzzy is received with defensiveness, venom and backlash. When did we become so self-righteous that we no longer could recognize solid, practical and well-meaning ADVICE.

Individuals of conviction are supposed to be firm about their beliefs and it is often those individuals who move others to see the error of their ways and change. How can someone who is against abuse encourage a person to assault others? How can someone who believes in healthy eating provide bad food for a friend? Is one acting out of jealousy when they say that an outfit/picture/song/etc is inappropriate? Are you judgmental if you think someone struggling to raise kids alone should focus less on romance and more on stability or self-improvement?  Can you really proclaim to be healthy when the weight on your bones prevents you from being active? WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE between being supportive and being an enabler? At the end of the day, adults WILL  make their own choices about life. The thing is; how does one make a “choice” if they are never offered the alternative?


Does Size Really Matter?


wedding ring







If you ask many women to select their dream diamond ring , more often than not they will select the LARGEST & FLASHIEST stone  in the case. Carat weight, the last of the 4 C’s refers to the size of a diamond in a piece of jewelry. During my days as a salesperson, I was often asked by women to see the “largest” stone or ring in the bridal case. Many times these were women who had chosen the “perfect” ring… yet they weren’t even dating, let alone engaged. “What?” Above the relationship with a partner, beyond the scope of a deep love and respect, the “SIZE” & “BLING” mattered the MOST.

It seems that in our society BIGGER  and BRIGHTER  is better. This idea of competition at all cost is not reserved for the jewelry world but permeates the fabric of popular culture everywhere.  Upon visiting your local grocery store or pharmacy, one can’t help but be overwhelmed by the magazines plastered with  images of lavish clothes, accessories, cars etc. A constant reminder that size and quantity are essential to a happy life.

DIAMONDS……. This is a problem.

I’ve written this post to refute the idea that more or bigger is better. In fact a large, cloudy and fractured diamond pales in comparison to a small, beautiful and flawless diamond. At a glance the larger diamond has more value but upon closer inspection it lacks the quality to make it a lifelong treasure. In contrast, a small flawless diamond is coveted, expensive and in many cases out lives the owner of the diamond. In other words, the QUALITY will always mean more than the QUANTITY.

As women we have become very competitive in a number of ways, often reducing our worth to mere amounts. The SIZE of our behinds & chests, the NUMBER of degrees we have, the AMOUNT  of makeup we wear, the COST of our shoes and handbags, all but determine our value in society. When did our values become so warped?  Character traits like kindness, integrity, wisdom, forgiveness, intelligence, patience and a loving heart are just a few of the things that make us valuable as diamonds.

I have been to a few funerals in my life and I have NEVER heard a eulogy that included the deceased person’s account balance or shoe collection. When we leave this earth, it will be OUR QUALITIES that remain. So in this last installment of the 4 C’s, I ask that you take inventory of who you are inside DIAMONDS. Allow the most valuable parts of you to shine from the inside out.