Social Commentary

As I scroll through my timeline on Facebook,

I take the time to stop and look,

Not at the pictures, post and funny memes,

But the deeper, hidden messages behind the scenes.

Messages of “grinding” and “hustling” for wealth and to build a “Brand”,

Yet few messages to educate, empower and take a stand.

Hundreds of friends online as they sleep & dine alone,

posting gossip, pics and videos all day with “no time” to use the phone?

Sexy pics trend while conscious messages go silent,

Fighting videos are liked and shared from the same people who are “tired of VIOLENCE!”

Mirages of success for new takes on old fads from the beauty industry,

while real innovators are playing with “BitCoin” a new form of currency,

it seems we can’t seem to stay focused on what’s really current, see?

I see children who can upload videos but can’t read the description,

We’ve traded our infinite future for our material existence ,

What is the prescription? 


The Village is Dying: Are We to Blame?



Punishment is now unfashionable… because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility.
Thomas Szasz

 Today’s world is filled with two things in abundance, individuals and their opinions. The news cycle, magazines and social media are all filled with stories about the actions of others, followed by our commentary on them. In recent weeks, social media was in an uproar over the grooming of a child born to a certain musical power couple. Powerful words flew back and forth chastising the couples perceived missteps as well as supporters who protested that it “wasn’t anyone’s BUSINESS”.  In isolation this statement seems harmless, but as I studied the comments and opinions I made an observation. Threaded  within the fabric of social media and other public commentary were statements that read: “It’s My Life, I’ll live it how I want”, “Why does anyone care?”, “Unless you’re paying my bills keep your comments to yourself.” One after another, each phrase gave me the distinct feeling that men are becoming islands. But is that really possible? Can a person live independently of others when almost every aspect of our lives is interdependent?

I must admit that by being a teacher, I am inclined to believe that  human beings  should care about the condition of others. It could also be the voice of my mother telling me that “one bad apple spoils a bunch” as she would caution my blind support of certain people. Either way, I was raised to believe  that “wrong is wrong” and “right is right” whether it is popular or not.  I also realize that there are areas of gray in life and I am not here to discuss them right now. I’m simply talking about the blatant and in my opinion unacceptable ways we are justifying the destruction of the people we claim to love the most. Any statement that doesn’t boost someone’s ego, make them smile or feel warm and fuzzy is received with defensiveness, venom and backlash. When did we become so self-righteous that we no longer could recognize solid, practical and well-meaning ADVICE.

Individuals of conviction are supposed to be firm about their beliefs and it is often those individuals who move others to see the error of their ways and change. How can someone who is against abuse encourage a person to assault others? How can someone who believes in healthy eating provide bad food for a friend? Is one acting out of jealousy when they say that an outfit/picture/song/etc is inappropriate? Are you judgmental if you think someone struggling to raise kids alone should focus less on romance and more on stability or self-improvement?  Can you really proclaim to be healthy when the weight on your bones prevents you from being active? WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE between being supportive and being an enabler? At the end of the day, adults WILL  make their own choices about life. The thing is; how does one make a “choice” if they are never offered the alternative?


Why you ask?

At this very moment there are only two people in the world who know that I’m writing on a blog so no one has actually “asked” me why I’ve decided to start a blog. Nevertheless, there is something inside me that is simmering, brewing and about to boil over so to speak. (Not to sound like a steel pot.) Tomorrow I return to work from a short vacation and I found myself thinking about how I have spent this time. After reflecting on my activities, I realized that I spent almost an hour this weekend watching a tutorial on the proper way to fill in your eyebrows. I followed this action by searching online for the best eyebrow brushes to use on my face. While I’m sure this sounds innocent (and boring) at first, the problem is that I HAD NO BUSINESS SPENDING OVER AN HOUR ON EYEBROWS! I am all for looking beautiful and all but did it deserve the amount of time and attention  I had given it?


You see I am a wife, mother of three children and an elementary school teacher. Monday through Friday my day begins at 5 a.m. and often ends around 10:30 p.m. I spend 12-13 hours away from home each day between work and travel; only to return home to prepare dinner, wash clothes, check homework, grade papers and spend a few moments alone with my husband. My theoretical “weekend” is spent running errands I don’t have time for during the week, spending time with my children, going to church and grabbing a nap if I can. Most mornings I manage to put together a quick 10 minute face but that’s being generous. Even if I became an “expert” eye-brow filler, would I ever have the time to execute it?


I realized that I was competing against the incessant influx of images and opinions on looks/lifestyle/beauty that fill our Facebook pages, T.V. shows, magazine covers and movie screens. The images that say “this” is what real, everyday women look like. Pictures that serve to make career women and mothers like me feel as if we are on the outside looking in. Today, I say to those images “NO!, I am what REAL WOMEN look like!” I have been told that women who love hard, work hard, raise children, help their families and encourage husbands are a “dying breed”.  This could not be farther from the truth. We often exist quietly, putting everyone ahead of ourselves while others get all the glory. In reality it is us who are the role models, the trailblazers and the change makers. I am determined to shed a little light on OUR beauty, OUR lives, on OUR importance to the world. Not because we are superior or persecuted but because WE DESERVE IT! We are not at all a “dying breed” but instead a DIAMOND BREED.

Welcome readers. It is time to SHINE!