guarded bottle

I wish they knew……

I wear an invisible sign that says please LOVE ME,

under the strong, independent exterior that most people see.

 I’m not unfriendly,

I’m protecting a heart that’s easily broken.

I’m not angry,

My body is fighting pain that words cannot express.

I’m not that brave,

I’m actually scared to death of being hurt.

I’m not  a workaholic,

I’m just committed to a future for my family.

I’m not alone,

but life can often make me feel lonely.


Their the only reason I keep going.

I’m unhappy with some events in my life,

BUT I’m GRATEFUL to be alive.

I’m just a little brown girl in a very big and cruel world,

doing her very best to survive.

My feelings are not WRONG

and many of the thoughts that consume me are not RIGHT.

This composition is not for approval,

just a little INSIGHT.


Opinions welcome below

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